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Penhale Sands

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Situated at the far western end of Perranporth beach and only becomes a beach in its own right at the higher end of the tide.
Like Perranporth, it has fantastic sand quality with acres of lovely sand dunes. It is much less busy that Perranporth owing perhaps to it being much more difficult to access.
It can be approached by a long walk along the beach from Perranporth – it is a long way (3 miles) and this is only possible at the lower end of the tide. Most approach the beach via Perran Sands Holiday Park, this is immediately above Perranporth on the Newquay road and can clearly be seen. Drive through the site and park where indicated, it is then a comfortable walk through the dunes. Access here is not suitable for wheel chairs.
Both Penhale and Perranporth beaches are on the South West Coastal Path and there are some wonderful walks through the sand dunes.


Lifeguard during the summer months on the southern side, this also includes a lost child service and 1st aid post.
Dogs: Permitted
Toilets: Near the beach


A truly wonderful beach offering privacy amongst the dunes and excellent surfing and bathing. This is a large expanse of sand – always look for the lifeguard flags and follow their instructions. The toilets and services are in the Perran Sands Holiday complex, this is a 'healthy' walk back through the dunes.