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Gorran Haven Further Information

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About Gorren Haven

Gorran Haven is 7 miles south of St Austell off the B3273 road to Mevagissey.

Just to the west of Mevagissey, Gorran Haven consists of a cluster of fishermen's cottages and some very nice residential newer houses and bungalows above the village. The village is serviced by a few small shops, a restaurant and a café.  There is a large field car park at the top of the village, there is no parking below this point, except for a few spaces at the roadside which can be used at certain times of the day and year.

It has a lovely sandy beach which is popular with both visitors and locals alike.  At low tide it connects with the longer Great Penhaver Beach.

Gorran Haven is protected from the prevailing wind by the impressive headland, Dodman Point, rising some 400 feet above sea level.  The headland is owned by the National Trust and was once the site of a substantial iron age coastal fort.  Long walks can be enjoyed to the very point with the sea on three sides.  It is an excellent spot for sea fishing from the rocks but the climb down is both long and hazardous.  Only those who know what they are doing should attempt it. One mile inland from Gorran Haven is Gorran Parish Church, this has 53 beautifully carved ancient pew ends.  The tower dates from 1606, when the medieval steeple collapsed.  In Gorran Haven itself is the church of St Just dating mainly from the 15th century.  Both churches are worth a visit if this subject is of interest.

The village is closely affiliated to its much larger village, Mevagissey.  Information concerning local attractions and additional information can be obtained on the Mevagissey page.

Local Walk to Dodman Point : Dodman Point to Gorran Haven - 2.3 miles
Time 1 Hour 30 minutes   (one way)

Park your car at the Gorran Haven car park. Turn left and head for the harbour, using the toilets if required. Turn right up Fox Hole Lane, up steps following the coastpath as marked (also signed as a public footpath to Vault Beach ½ mile). Continue climbing crossing a stile into a field, this is the start of the National Trust property of Lamledra. Climb to a kissing gate,- the path levels out now and drops slightly near a small rocky headland. Keep left taking the lower path where offered. Now about 15 minutes into the walk drop down the slaty steps to round Pen-a-Maen (or Maenease) Point. Ignore the rather indistinct 'fishing' path than runs off to the left here. Pass above Little Sand Cove and pause for photographs if you wish. Progress is good now as the path runs level for some way. As you round another corner keep right following the waymarker slightly uphill away from the coast. Below you lies Cadythew Rock. At the rise walk through a kissing gate and stop for a while at a well placed seat.

The beach below right is Vault (or Bow) Beach. The sand and fine shingle almost grey-yellow due to the slaty geology here. The headland is Dodman Point. Where the path splits bear slightly left by a stile. The fields give way to gorse and scrub as the path rises gradually to a stepped wooden stile and the exit NT omega of Lamledra. Now at the hour mark of the walk, cross another stile leaving the beach behind. Pass through yet another stile and drop down at first before a quick spurt uphill leads you to a wooden signpost. Ahead lies Dodman Point 1/2 mile, to your right lies Penare 1/3 mile and the signpost indicates you have travelled 1¾ miles from Gorran Haven. Follow the pointer to Dodman Point. Cross another stile into an open field for about 5 minutes before leaving by another stile. Notice how the headland shelters the sea on its eastern flank against the prevailing westerly winds. Catch your first glimpse of the coastline to the west around Nare Head and Zone Point and within seconds your first sighting of the large granite cross that marks your end point. Arrive at the cross some 90 minutes after setting out.

Gorran Haven Accommodation:

The accommodation in Gorran Haven is quite spread out as the village itself is quite small. There are primarily Gorran Haven guesthouses: These are often large houses converted into guesthouses.  Other guest houses are to be found in neighbouring villages such as Pentewan and Mevagissey, and of course, St Austell is only 10 minutes away.  This is also a farming area and many farms have diversified, and the accommodation in farms is quite numerous

Gorran Haven self catering  -  these are basically: Cottages in Gorran Haven: These are quite numerous, many are basically second homes being let out when not in use by the owners.  Unfortunately, like most popular places in Cornwall this tends to increase the cost of property putting it out of reach of the local population.  Gorran Haven has been hit hard with most of the small cottages being holiday lets.  People who have found this area really appreciate its beauty and tend to come back year after year, hence the reason for purchasing a 2nd home. Most of the self catering in Gorran Haven and the Bed and Breakfast in Gorran Haven, can be found in the local villages.

The hotels in Gorran Haven  are not numerous, in fact, there is only one. Most of the hotels servicing Gorran Haven can be found in the Mevagissey area.

The Gorran Haven camp sites and caravan parks of which there is an excellent selection are mostly in the Pentewan Valley although there are some on the coastal road going west.

Mevagissey Tourist Information centre is near the centre of the village.